A Rhode Island native, musician, and educator, Mary Casale uses large squeegees to apply, layer, and scrape away acrylic paints from large and small-scale canvas and panel. Inspired by German born abstract painter Gerhard Richter, and using predominantly primary colors of red, yellow and blue, Casale creates pieces that are colorful, energetic, and provocative. The paintings invite us to engage and experience the beauty and energy of color, and the spectrum of human feelings as expressed within the context of the abstract; a world boundless, indefinite, continually uncertain.  

artist’s Words

“Painting abstract art gives me the freedom to abandon preconceived notions and rules about making art and what it means to be an artist. Abstraction provides a place where I can tap into my feelings, access my intuition and inventiveness, and work spontaneously in the moment. There is so much joy and freedom in the creative process where nothing is wrong, nothing is right, and nothing is ever done. The joy comes from the experience of ‘playing’…playing with materials, playing with colors, and playing with the energy of color.”

“A painting is not about an experience, it is an experience.” (Rothko)